The components of consumption and their changes from 1959 until 1999

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The components of consumption and their changes from 1959 until 1999

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The Most Feared of Diseases Consumption, known today as tuberculosis TBhas been one of the biggest killers throughout history. During the time of Hippocrates BCit is believed that consumption was the most widespread disease of the age.

There were no treatments and Hippocrates is reported to have instructed his students not to treat patients in the late stages of the disease.

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Patients were sure to die and it would ruin their reputations as healers. Typically, but not exclusively, consumption is a disease of the lungs. The disease was known to strike down the young and old, the rich and poor, without discrimination.

Consumption has Claimed the Lives of Over One Billion People Consumption has been a scourge throughout history and may have killed more people than any other microbial pathogen.

The components of consumption and their changes from 1959 until 1999

Current estimates suggest approximately 1 billion people around the world have succumbed to consumption in the past two centuries alone. Today we know tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

The components of consumption and their changes from 1959 until 1999

Indeed, it was only in that a French military doctor demonstrated that the disease could be passed from humans to cattle, and from cattle to rabbits. This was a remarkable breakthrough. Until this time, medical theory held that each case of consumption arose spontaneously in predisposed people.

In the UK and Europe, consumption caused the most widespread public concern during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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It was seen as an endemic disease of the urban poor. Between and in England and Wales four million died from consumption, more than one-third of those aged 15 to 34 and half of those aged 20 to 24, giving consumption the name the robber of youth.

Patients with a healthy immune system, good nutrition and clean air are often able to overcome the disease. Consumption, however, was closely linked to both overcrowding and malnutrition making it one of the principal diseases of poverty. In andin England, between a quarter and a third of tradesmen and labourers died from tuberculosis.

Wealthy tuberculosis sufferers could afford to travel in search of sunny and mild climates, whereas poorer people had to look after their own ill consumptive family. Often in dark, unventilated, closed rooms, they sealed their own fate to die of the same disease a few years later.

It is spread through the air when people with active TB in their lungs cough, spit, speak or sneeze.

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1. Consumption Expenditure 2. Investment 3. Government Expenditure on Goods and Services 4. Net Exports (Exports - Imports)-The 4 components sum to real GDP.-Consumption and Imports change when income changes so he depend on real GDP.

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Consumption: The Most Feared of Diseases Consumption, known today as tuberculosis (TB), has been one of the biggest killers throughout history. Earliest references date back to the ancient Greeks who named the disease of the lungs phthisis or consumption, owing to the rapid weight loss that appeared to consume the individual as the disease .

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