Singapore airlines business and management strategies tourism essay

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Singapore airlines business and management strategies tourism essay

Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines is one of the key players globally within the airline industry. It has employed a set of core strategies which seek to combine excellent customer service with high rates of profitability.


Of concern however is that maintaining quality of service at profitable levels has become increasingly difficult bearing in mind the threats faced by SIA in both macro and micro environmental contexts.

Examples of these threats include the fact that fuel prices have consistently increased and will do so into the future while price wars between airline companies have become ever more intensive due to increased competitive levels in the industry.

This is due to existing rivalries as well as new entrants within the discount airline market segment.

Singapore airlines business and management strategies tourism essay

In contrast to its rivals SIA has preferred policies of adding extra value through customer service rather than ones of pure discounts on prices, Thompson, Similarly investment in technology such as the development of an e-ticket system enhanced its strength in terms of cost effective sales and billing systems.

These developments have been supported by skilled management and governance procedures which have generally resulted in SIA enjoying a strong financial framework benefiting from previous successful operations.

As mentioned above competition levels are high in the airline industry matched with consumers becoming even more sophisticated in terms of their purchasing decisions related to travel. Also of note is that in the consideration of terrorist related attacks in the US consumers both in the US and globally express more concerns in relation to safety in choosing public traveling methods.

These broader trends have generated significant threats to airline companies such as SIA in such facets as increased airport expenses due to enhanced security checks.

It is reasonable to suggest that at this point the brand image of Singapore Girl is a principal icon reflecting the ethos of customer service within SIA. However considering changing consumer behaviour and attitudes towards flying it is a difficult challenge for SIA to adjust its marketing strategy and brand image reflecting these changing psychosocial trends.

This indeed can be seen as a critical weakness for SIA.

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An integrated view at board level regarding the changing environmental conditions and the use of a differentiation marketing strategy leveraging customer service strengths will enable SIA to maintain a strong competitive position in the long term.

HRM strategies especially staff training and development programs have helped SIA not only maintain its customer service quality level but also created cost controls related to staff retention which further enhance its competitive advantages in adding value for shareholders and sustaining long term corporate growth.

The Budget Sector and Challenges to SIA Singapore Airlines is recognised globally as a brand emphasising professional and customer orientated service and this aspect is also one of the most important competitive advantages for the company.

However due to changing environmental forces and growing and past concerns over costs in the airline industry it is vital for SIA to take stock of competitive pressures from budget airline companies such as Ryanair.

Budget airlines focus on delivering reduced cost travel through marketing strategies targeting people who are price sensitive as well as short-haul business passengers. It is obvious that SIA has exploited a differentiation marketing strategy based on building up a strong brand image reflecting high quality customer service airline and one which seeks to create added value to the flying experience of customers in terms of luxury and comfort.

A key indicator is that the load factor represents and determines the breakeven point between cost and profitability. It is also affected by other cost related factors in determining the profitability of an airline company.

SIA is a successful example in obtaining better performance in respect of its load factor for passenger journeys. In order to compete with budget airlines companies like Ryanair SIA has marketed itself as a value adding airline operator but has sought to focus also on cost control in order to improve competitive capabilities.

The competitive advantages of operators such as Ryanair in contrast are those in employing price as a strategy in attracting consumers especially short-haul business passengers seeking lower priced tickets and discount offerings.Hence, with clearly business model as well as apply correct strategy, Singapore Airline is really successful in develop their brand name.

There are 3 point which is the superior of Singapore Airline are truly excellent service, constant innovation and technological exellence. REFERENCING: Business week (). Singapore Airlines. Perserving our Heritage Level 1 Part 1, Moe Ccue C My Box-Spanish 6/Pk, Stone A Visit to the Suez Canal (), T.

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