Scope and limitation on computer

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Scope and limitation on computer

Turner's section 2, note 8 contains his claim about M-expressions Peter J. Landin defined the term closure in as having an environment part and a control part as used by his SECD machine for evaluating expressions.

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Anonymous function The term closure is often mistakenly used to mean anonymous function. This is probably because many programmers learn about both concepts at the same time, in the form of small helper functions that are anonymous closures.

An anonymous function is a function literal without a name, while a closure is an instance of a function, a valuewhose non-local variables have been bound either to values or to storage locations depending on the language; see the lexical environment section below.

For example, in the following Python code: Assigning specific closures to variables. The closures in a and b are functionally identical. The only difference in implementation is that in the first case we used a nested function with a name, g, while in the second case we used an anonymous nested function using the Python keyword lambda for creating an anonymous function.

The original name, if any, used in defining them is irrelevant. A closure is a value like any other value.

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It doesn't need to be assigned to a variable and can instead be used directly, as shown in the last two lines of the example. This usage may be deemed an "anonymous closure".

Note especially that the nested function definitions are not themselves closures: Only once the enclosing function is evaluated with a value for the parameter is the free variable of the nested function bound, creating a closure, which is then returned from the enclosing function.

Lastly, a closure is only distinct from a function with free variables when outside of the scope of the non-local variables, otherwise the defining environment and the execution environment coincide and there is nothing to distinguish these static and dynamic binding can't be distinguished because the names resolve to the same values.

Scope and limitation on computer

For example, in the below program, functions with a free variable x bound to the non-local variable x with global scope are executed in the same environment where x is defined, so it is immaterial whether these are actually closures: This can also be achieved by variable shadowing which reduces the scope of the non-local variablethough this is less common in practice, as it is less useful and shadowing is discouraged.

In this example f can be seen to be a closure because x in the body of f is bound to the x in the global namespace, not the x local to g: This includes functional programming languages such as Lisp and MLas well as many modern garbage-collected imperative languages, such as Python.

Closures are also frequently used with callbacksparticularly for event handlerssuch as in JavaScriptwhere they are used for interactions with a dynamic web page.

Traditional imperative languages such as AlgolC and Pascal either do not support nested functions C or do not support calling nested functions after the enclosing function has exited GNU C, Pascalthus avoiding the need to use closures.

Closures are used to implement continuation-passing styleand in this manner, hide state.

Scope and limitation on computer

Constructs such as objects and control structures can thus be implemented with closures. In some languages, a closure may occur when a function is defined within another function, and the inner function refers to local variables of the outer function.

First-class function Closures typically appear in languages in which functions are first-class values —in other words, such languages enable functions to be passed as arguments, returned from function calls, bound to variable names, etc.


For example, consider the following Scheme function: When the lambda expression is evaluated, Scheme creates a closure consisting of the code for the lambda expression and a reference to the threshold variable, which is a free variable inside the lambda expression.

The closure is then passed to the filter function, which calls it repeatedly to determine which books are to be added to the result list and which are to be discarded. Because the closure itself has a reference to threshold, it can use that variable each time filter calls it.

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