Relationship between the necklace and the

Mathilde is a young, attractive woman who daydreams about living a stylish life. She dreams of serving tea on beautiful china and wearing fashionable clothing. Unfortunately, that is not Mathilde's life. The Loisels were not poor but middle class.

Relationship between the necklace and the

He requested that Parisian jewelers Charles Auguste Boehmer and Paul Bassange create a diamond necklace that would surpass all others in grandeur.

It would take the jewelers several years and a great deal of money to amass an appropriate set of diamonds. In the meantime, Louis XV died of smallpoxand du Barry was banished from court by his grandson and successor. The necklace consisted of many large diamonds arranged in an elaborate design of festoonspendants and tassels.

The jewelers hoped it would be a product that the new Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, would buy and indeed in the new king, Louis XVIoffered it to his wife as a present, but she refused.

Some said that Marie Antoinette refused the necklace because she did Relationship between the necklace and the want to wear any jewel that had been designed for another woman, especially if that woman was a courtesan she disliked.

According to others, Louis XVI himself changed his mind. The Queen again refused.

Relationship between the necklace and the

A descendant of an illegitimate son of Henry II of FranceJeanne had married an officer of the gendarmesNicholas de la Mottethe soi-disant "comte de la Motte", and was living on a small pension granted to her by the King. In MarchJeanne became the mistress of the Cardinal de Rohana former French ambassador to the court of Vienna.

The Queen had also learned of a letter in which the Cardinal spoke of Maria Theresa in a way that the Queen found offensive.

At this time, the Cardinal was trying to regain the Queen's favour to become one of the King's ministers. On hearing of this, Rohan resolved to use Jeanne to regain the Queen's goodwill.

Jeanne assured the Cardinal that she was making efforts on his behalf. Jeanne de la Motte returned the replies to Rohan's notes, which she affirmed came from the Queen. The tone of the letters became very warm, and the Cardinal, convinced that Marie Antoinette was in love with him, became enamoured of her.

He begged Jeanne to arrange a secret night-time interview with the Queen on his behalf, and the supposed meeting took place in August In the garden of the Palace of Versaillesthe Cardinal met with a woman he believed to be the Queen.

In fact, the woman was a prostitute, Nicole Leguay d'Oliva, whom Jeanne had hired because of her resemblance to the Queen. Rohan offered Leguay a rose, and, in her role as the Queen, she promised him that she would forget their past disagreements. With this money, Jeanne was able to make her way into respectable society.

Because she openly boasted about her relationship with the Queen, many assumed the relationship was genuine. She at first refused a commissionbut then changed her mind and accepted it.

According to Madame Campan, Jeanne, pretending to be the Queen, sent several letters to the cardinal, including an order to buy the necklace.

They were signed "Marie Antoinette de France"; the Cardinal either did not know or did not remember that French queens signed with their given names only. On 21 JanuaryJeanne told the Cardinal that Marie Antoinette wanted to buy the necklace; but, not wishing to purchase such an expensive item publicly during a time of need, the Queen wanted the Cardinal to act as a secret intermediary.

A little while later, Rohan negotiated the purchase of the necklace for 2, livres, to be paid in installments. He claimed to have the Queen's authorization for the purchase and showed the jewelers the conditions of the bargain in the Queen's handwriting.

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Rohan took the necklace to Jeanne's house, where a man, whom Rohan believed to be a valet of the Queen, came to fetch it. Jeanne de la Motte's husband secretly took the necklace to Londonwhere it was broken up to sell the large individual diamonds separately.

Relationship between the necklace and the

When time came to pay, Jeanne de la Motte presented the Cardinal's notes, but these were insufficient.Mathilde Loisel, the protagonist, in "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant does not like her circumstances. Mathilde is a young, attractive woman who daydreams about living a stylish life.

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The Heart of the Ocean is the name of a fictional blue diamond featured prominently in the film the story, the 56 carat diamond was originally owned by Louis XVI and cut into a heart shape after the French the film the necklace was purchased by Pittsburgh steel tycoon Caledon Hockley, played by Billy Zane, a week before he sailed on the ill-fated ocean liner RMS.

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Jan 14,  · Best Answer: She dislikes him for being less than what she felt she deserved. Then, after losing the necklace, she learns to appreciate him for helping her instead of abandoning her in her Resolved.

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