Persuasive essay on childrens beauty pageants

Makeup, manicuring, eye brow waxing and plucking, tanning, high heels, teeth correction and highlighting— we are talking about getting ready for a wedding, right? No, we are talking about preparing a child for a beauty pageant. You heard it right. They put false teeth in if a child loses a baby tooth before a competition; they highlight their hair and wax their eyebrows.

Persuasive essay on childrens beauty pageants

Competition can be fairly called one of the main motivators, as well as one of the main organizing principles for individuals.

It affects many spheres of life: A bright example of the latter is beauty contests; despite their purely entertaining nature, they can be harmful or even dangerous in terms of setting inappropriate beauty standards, encouraging to evaluate people by their appearance, and affecting public opinion negatively.

The most obvious detrimental effect of beauty pageants is enforcing an inappropriate body perception for men and women. Though pageants represent the absolute minority of the society, their appearances set high, unrealistic standards for how women of all ages should look like Miss America.

Persuasive essay on childrens beauty pageants

Another perception issue arises from the very nature of beauty contests—the objectification of women.

Despite proclaimed gender equality, physical attractiveness including sexual remains one of the major requirements for women today FAR. No matter how progressive and tolerant people strive to be, they still make their first impression about other people by their appearance, and this is natural.

However, the idea of beauty contests implies evaluating women solely on their physical shape, ignoring all other aspects of individuality.

Interviewing, meant to show a contestants personality, is a fraud; as one of the former pageants wrote, none of the judges wanted to hear about deep problems, asking about the most challenging childhood experiences Generation Progress. This turns a woman into a media object, or even a product, that can be assessed and then either approved or rejected; due to the popularity of beauty contests, such an attitude is being widely propagated.

Persuasive essay on childrens beauty pageants

Health problems among the younger generation is yet another negative effect caused by beauty contests. The idea of beauty contests implies competing in physical attractiveness.

Are child beauty pageants exploitive essays

Ignoring the absurdity of this idea, a number of detrimental effects caused by such contests still needs to be emphasized. Beauty contests objectify women, turning them into a product that can be assessed based solely on its appearance. In addition, beauty pageants influence the minds of adolescents, often resulting in anorexia and other psychological disorders.

The Scourge of Adolescence.Child Beauty Pageants: A Four-Paragraph Essay Example Our following template tells about beauty contests for children under 16 years. Feel free to use it to make your own academic paper a success. Feel free to use it to make your own academic paper a success.

Beauty pageants are used as scholarship funds. Miss USA and Miss America are the largest sources of scholarship funds for women. Doesn't get much more feminist than that. Analysis of Beauty Pageants in American Society - In American society the promotion of beauty pageants and the like, are in direct relation to the physical and emotional issues arising within women.

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