Master data management case study

Above the button, the words: Most importantly, because lives depend on the accuracy of the information Hach provides, confidence in the solution provider was essential. The Solution Hach wanted to implement a single Product Information Management PIM solution that would manage and publish product data to their e-commerce site and seamlessly handle the organization and updating of content.

Master data management case study

Financial master data is equally important, is highly shared across the entire supply chain and is foundational for the operation of any enterprise.

What is master data management?

The figure 1 below describes the scope and relationship of master data in any organization. Figure 1 — Scope of Master Data Management Master data management MDM comprises a set of processes and tools that consistently defines and manages the non-transactional data entities of an organization which may include reference data.

The foundation of MDM is a governance mechanism workflows by which data policies and definitions can be enforced on an enterprise scale. Tools and processes exist to facilitate the management of master data, and setting up an MDM system entails more than installing software and running a two year transition project.

Successful master data management requires governance. It requires collaboration between IT and business to monitor, adjust, and improve data management. The subject areas were customer, supplier, item, worker, location, and finance. Inthe MDM program was created that included a program team, product owners and data architects.

Master Data Management (MDM)

The mission of the central master data management team was to align and consolidate people, processes, and technologies. This was followed by the establishment of governance boards for each of the core master data areas in With one central team managing master data delivery across IT projects, there were efficiency improvements, better decision making and elimination of rework.

Master data management case study

Bythe need to extend MDM to off the shelf products was realized as the master data management applications then in place did not meet the needs.

The MDM teams started engaging with the members of vendor influence councils to drive the delivery of solutions that meet manufacturing business needs.

Implementations of mature MDM solutions were started in and today these applications are maturing at different rates. Some master data areas are more mature than others- and Intel is continuing to make refinements as the MDM solutions integrate with the ERP platform.

From a reactive to a proactive approach In the early stages of the process pre the master data management teams were reactive to problems came up with the MDM applications.

Through the years there has been a gradual shift in the approach — IT product owners have become proactive.

Besides engaging with users to identify emerging requirements, they collaborate with the MDM applications product support groups to drive issue resolution with before the issue is brought to attention through IT service desk tickets by the business user.

The goal state is to drive consolidation into a few key products. Usage of Enterprise Architecture An aspect of the Master data management architecture that has had industry focus is the usage of enterprise architecture practices to coordinate business, data, application, and technology domains and formalize the approach to solution design and delivery.

Usage of enterprise architecture practices ensures agility in IT responding to business needs and a decrease the total cost of ownership of the MDM product. Today Intel IT utilizes an enterprise architecture framework to implement solutions.

Figure 2- The Enterprise Model The enterprise architecture artifact that has driven success in MDM has been the creation of data blueprints.

· Enforcing right security for master data is also important - allowing only the intended users access to relevant master data. Historical Problem – a case study I had my date with master data issues many years back – when the term-MDM was not even  · CASE STUDY - Master Data Management Brings Financial Services Closer to Customers.

August 1, ; By Baseline Consulting. As one of the world’s largest credit unions, LCU boasts close to half a million customers (“members” in its vernacular) and has more than 50 branches across its Jul 24,  · Many executives struggle to build a compelling business case for master data management (MDM) because they don’t know how to articulate its business value.

By improving visibility into business operations, MDM can influence a range of . · management education because they are often asked to provide data management not only for their own data but also for other data being generated in the course of faculty research projects with which they are involved (Carlson et al., , p.

) Case Study: Master Data Management and Data Quality Services Background The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ’s mission is to enforce the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act and other laws designed to protect consumers’ health and Master Data Management Case Study: Department of Social Services, State of Connecticut The Department of Social Services (DSS) in the State of Connecticut required advisory and technical resources to support t he enhancement, management, and operations of the Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI)

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