How to write a complex story plot

It's easier than you think.

How to write a complex story plot

So, where to begin? What is your premise and basic plot? I recommend just pulling one from this list. Decide who the characters will be. The more characters there are the more complicated the plot will be. Multiple interconnected subplots will give the illusion that the story is very complicated and will give the reader a lot of different things to look at at all times.

It also gives you the chance to develop many side characters. The plot I worked out yesterday had 13 characters, all were necessary. This seems shallow, but this is plot. Now, decide what drives each character. Why specifically are they in this story? You can make this up.

Give them a secret! This is a moment to dig into subplot. This does not need to be at all connected to their drive to be present in the story.

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This is where you start to see the characters take shape. What is going to change these characters? Now this will take some thinking. It might not be plot that changes them, but if you have a lot of characters, a few changes that are worked into the bones of the plot might help you.

Now list out the major events of the novel with subplot in chronological order. This will be your timeline. Especially list the historical things that you want to exist in backstory.

List everything you can think of. Think about where the story is going. Make sure you get all of that in there. This might take a few hours.

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Decide where to start writing. Preferably not at the beginning of your timeline - you want to have huge reveals later on where these important things that happened prior are exposed.

This is the point where you think about what information should come out when. This will be a revision of your last list, except instead of being chronological, it exists to build tension.

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Does it need work? But with that said, at this point you probably have no idea who half your characters are.Aug 28,  · Like so many other kids and teenagers, I want to try and write a novel.

For the past week I've been trying to form a storyline that I'm going to write based on, only to find that with this plot my story would be extremely boring and lacking in depth.

How do people come up with such amazing ideas and such complex story plots?Status: Resolved.

How to Plot A Complex Novel in One Day

The 5 laws of making a story complicated without creating an ungodly mess. Charlie Jane Anders the more complex your story tends to get, and the more random elements barnacle their way onto. Now, let’s say you don’t want to listen to me.

how to write a complex story plot

You’re going to write a complex story no matter what. If you’re going to do this, simply look for ways to pare down the complexity of each pillar. So, for description, say in one sentence what it takes you to say in three. For exposition, focus only on the key points that need to be made.

Feb 15,  · How to Plot a Story In this Article: Article Summary Planning Your Story Crafting Your Story Arc Preparing a Plot Outline Sample Brainstorms Sample Excerpts Community Q&A You might have a great idea for a story, but plotting it out can still be difficult%(7).

The first element to include in your plot outline is the Story Goal, which we covered in detail in the previous article, The Key to a Solid Plot: Choosing a Story Goal. To summarize, the plot of any story is a sequence of events that revolve around an attempt to solve a problem or attain a goal.

Here are my tips for creating complex, interesting and unforgettable characters. The important thing is to write what feels most natural to you and to ensure the readers stay immersed in your story.

heroine and possibly a third B-plot character. Keeping the story framed within certain characters’ POVs helps me keep readers close to.

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