How to make your city better

Scroll down to continue reading article 3. What I mean, though, is to make a long-term investment in your community by joining school committees, donating three hours a week in a shelter, hosting a monthly read-along at the library, tutoring at-risk children after school, teaching adult literacy classes at a local prison, or any of a million ways to play a role in the lives of people who need you. Perhaps the most pressing need in our society is for people to take an interest in and engage with their communities. Coach their team, become a Brownie leader, spend a weekend day in the workshop with them, buy a bike and ride along with them — make their passions your own.

How to make your city better

Formal[ edit ] The original " Gerrymander " pictured in an cartoon. The word is a portmanteau of Massachusetts Governor Elbridge Gerry 's name with "salamander.

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Similarly Eurasia is a portmanteau of Europe and Asia. Some city names are portmanteaus of the border regions they straddle: Texarkana spreads across the Texas-Arkansas border, while Calexico and Mexicali are respectively the American and Mexican sides of a single conurbation.

A scientific example is a ligerwhich is a cross between a male lion and a female tiger a tigon or tiglon is a similar cross in which the male is a tiger. Many company or brand names are portmanteaus, including Microsofta portmanteau of microcomputer and software ; the cheese " Cambozola " combines a similar rind to " Camembert " with the same mold used to make " Gorgonzola "; passenger rail company " Amtrak ", a portmanteau of " America " and " track "; " Velcro ", a portmanteau of the French "Velours" velvet and "Crochet" hook ; " Verizon ," a portmanteau of "veritas" Latin for truth and "horizon"; and ComEd a Chicago -area electric utility companya portmanteau of "Commonwealth" and Edison Thomas Edison.

The category's name is itself a portmanteau of the words "Jeopardy" and "portmanteau. Informal[ edit ] Portmanteau words may be produced by joining together proper nouns with common nouns, such as " gerrymandering ", which refers to the scheme of Massachusetts Governor Elbridge Gerry for politically contrived redistricting; the perimeter of one of the districts thereby created resembled a very curvy salamander in outline.

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The term gerrymander has itself contributed to portmanteau terms bjelkemander and playmander. Oxbridge is a common portmanteau for the UK's two oldest universities, those of Oxford and Cambridge.

InBritain's planned exit from the European Union became known as " Brexit ". A spork Many portmanteau words receive some use but do not appear in all dictionaries. For example, a spork is an eating utensil that is a combination of a spoon and a fork, and a skort is an item of clothing that is part skirtpart shorts.

On the other hand, turduckena dish made by inserting a chicken into a duck, and the duck into a turkey, was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in Similarly, the word refudiate was first used by Sarah Palin when she misspoke, conflating the words refute and repudiate.

A company name may also be portmanteau e. In this example of recent American political history, the purpose for blending is not so much to combine the meanings of the source words but "to suggest a resemblance of one named person to the other"; the effect is often derogatory, as linguist Benjamin Zimmer states.

Miramax is the combination of the first names of the parents of the Weinstein brothers. Arabic[ edit ] In vernacular Arabic, contractions are a pretty common phenomenon, in which mostly prepositions are added to other words to create a word with a new meaning.

Other examples in Hejazi Arabic include: The title is translated in English to "The Pessoptimist. This one, in particular, is used, not surprisingly, as a part of a gin commercial. Filipino[ edit ] Certain portmanteaus in Filipino have come into use to describe popular combinations of items in a Filipino breakfast.

An example of such a combination order is kankamtuy: The three most commonly seen silogs are tapsilog having tapa as the meat portiontocilog having tocino as the meat portionand longsilog having longganisa as the meat portion.

An establishment that specializes in such meals is called a tapsihan or "tapsilugan". The name of a common Filipino mongrel dogs askal is derived from Tagalog words "asong kalye" or "street dog" because these dogs are commonly seen in streets.

Askals are also called "aspins", a combination of "asong Pinoy " or "Philippine Dog". Another Filipino portmanteau is a popular but slightly dated female name Luzviminda derived from the Philippines ' three major island groups LuzonVisayas and Mindanao.

Many Filipinos are very fond of speaking in Tagalog with some English words and thus are actually speaking in Taglish. Tagalog is a dialect in the island of Luzon and the basis for the national language Filipino.NOW (AND THEN AGAIN) Yes, life might just be worth living again - and not just because of great new records coming out on Drag’s a big part of it, natch, but even with the music turned down and the windows closed, we can feel the hope radiating out there.

This includes your child’s password, real name, address, phone number, email address, pet names, friends and family names, and school name.

How to make your city better

Be careful not . 25 Tips for Making Your Neighborhood Better Jay Walljasper's guide to changing the world on your own block The neighborhood is the basic building block of human civilization, whether in a big city, small town or suburban community.

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The GOOD Cities Project is a five-month collaboration with Ford, exploring how we make our cities and how our cities make us. As part of the project, GOOD and Ford have commissioned cultural. See your recent documents, or start one for free with Office Online.

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How to make your city better
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