Chilcotin war

They are the most southern of the Athabaskan-speaking aboriginal peoples in British Columbia, the Tsilhqotin were part of an extensive trade network, trading salmon from the coast of BC to Cree people territories to the East. This became the peoples major source for European goods.

Chilcotin war

The Colony of British Columbia is created.


Gold is discovered in the Cariboo. Alfred Waddington signs an agreement with the Colony of British Columbia to build a toll road to the Cariboo. The steamer ship Enterprise reaches Bute Inlet with 91 road builders and 19 mules. Waddington and 70 men return from Bute Inlet where they have built 37 kilometres of trail, including 66 bridges.

Frederick Seymour arrives in New Westminster as B. Ferry attendant Tim Smith is killed. Three wounded survivors arrive at Bute Inlet townsite.

The gunboat Forward is dispatched for Bute Inlet, with 28 special constables and Waddington. Farmer William Manning is killed at his Puntzi Lake homestead. Seymour sends William Cox, 65 men and 37 horses to hunt for killers of the road crew and Manning.

Chilcotin war

The trial of Klatsassin and the eight others takes place. Klatsassin and four others are hanged before an audience of at Quesnellemouth, now Quesnel, B. Trial of Lutas and Ahan lasts three hours.

Ahan is executed in New Westminster. Canadian Heritage and University of Victoria.Chilcotin War topic. The Chilcotin War, the Chilcotin Uprising or the Bute Inlet Massacre was a confrontation in between members of the Tsilhqot'in (Chilcotin) people in British Columbia and white road construction workers.

Why did B.C. martyr the “Chilcotin Chiefs” in /65?

Chilcotin war

It is hard to see how the Chilcotin War and hanging the “Chilcotin Chiefs,” lawfully brought about any legal or constitutional change to the locus of legitimate sovereign authority in Tsilhqot’in territory. Or created, for Tsilhqot’in citizens, any new moral, legal or.

The Chilcotin War: A Tale of Death and Reprisal (Amazing Stories) - Kindle edition by Rich Mole. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Chilcotin War: A Tale of Death and Reprisal (Amazing Price: Only four months after the start of the Chilcotin War, a Confederate raiding party would execute, maim and scalp 24 unarmed Union soldiers in Missouri.

One of those raiders was the future. events the Chilcotin War; others call it the Bute Inlet Massacre. Some say that it was the only actual war waged between First Nations people and European colonizers. The "Chilcotin Uprising" was a disturbance which broke out in April of when a group of Chilcotin Indians massacred fourteen workmen on a trail being built from Bute Inlet to the interior of British Columbia.

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