Business plan joint venture proposal

Types of joint venture How you set up a joint venture depends on what you are trying to achieve. One option is to agree to co-operate with another business in a limited and specific way. The two partners could agree to a contract setting out the terms and conditions of how this would work. Alternatively, you might want to set up a separate joint venture business, possibly a new company, to handle a particular contract.

Business plan joint venture proposal

The first Women collection of Gianni Versace fashion was done later that year in Miami. By the age of 25 years, he started designing fashion collection for high top businesses in the fashion industry such as the Callaghan and Genny.

After winning many fashion design awards, he opened the first Versace boutique in Berlin in and in the same year published his first design and fashion book. Three other books followed this by The business has expanded into the hotel and accessories industry and currently is owned by Gianni brother, sister and niece after the murder of its founder inat Miami Beach.

It focuses on the designing, manufacturing, distributing, and retailing of a wide range of lifestyle products. It products range from apparel, cosmetics, accessories designer fragrances, designer eyeglasses, home furnishing products, watches and jewelry.

The distribution channel consists of f retail stores, exclusive boutiques and departmental stores. The fashion house has more than branded stores in the major fashion cities such as Paris, Rome and London. In addition, it business plan joint venture proposal over retail outlets in more than 60 countries throughout the world.

The fashion house daring design and innovative fashion ideas has helped in making it a recognizable brand by the top-end fashion consumers.

In addition, there will be several home decoration items. All the items have exquisite colors quite vibrant patterns. The collection is a mix of both summer and winter fashion styles. The criterion for selecting these items is their demand and performance in the previous years; hence made with high quality materials and very innovative and daring designs.

These items are high valued Versace collection with high level of brand recognition among the top—end fashion consumers. These items have gained a reputation as some of the most outstanding status statement, fashion items.

Therefore, they are highly priced and only stocked in Versace exclusive boutiques located in major world, fashion capitals such as Paris London, Hong Kong and Rome.

business plan joint venture proposal

In addition, their production monitored closely to eliminate even the invincible flaw to meet our clients demand for immaculate lifestyle items. Furthermore, only the best designer and support staff are involved in the production of the stated items; which is a safeguard for high quality production processes and procedures.

The items packaging is elegant to represent the aesthetics of Versace fashion and insure the quality of the products along the distribution channel. Conversely, Versace will have effective reach out to new market niche, which has not previously served; hence boosting its rand recognition and sales.

Both companies expect to realize better profits and from increased sales due to the hype created by the availability of high-end fashion items at affordable prices.

Versace offers exclusive fashion items, which are, customize. It has built a reputation for been daring and very innovate in designing of fashion items.

The Versace product range includes clothes, shoes, belts, wallets, home decorations items and a range of cosmetics and fragrances. All these items are available for all ages and gender; women, men and children and are highly priced.

business plan joint venture proposal

These products have elegant outlook and very fine cuts that make them stand out from items made by other fashion houses. The daring patterns and exquisite use of colors is another unique aspect of Versace lifestyle items. Hence, it products are relatively less unique and are not highly priced.

This gives it an advantage of large market outreach through a high number of branded outlets as well as in other lifestyle items selling distribution and retail outlets throughout the world.

It pricing strategy offers a strategic strength in penetrating new markets. Both companies currently sell their products through corporate owned outlets and through other fashion dealers.

The proposed joint venture allows the respective companies to maintain their company branded stores. However, they will stock items produced by each other at selected points to minimize unhealthy competition.

The venture will mainly focus on international markets where each is facing difficulty in penetration due to high overhead operations costs. Discounts and other pricing incentives will only be affected on agreement between the two partners to avoid over dilution of the Versace brand value which may negatively affects its core clientele.

Versace will be responsible for the initial marketing activities of the products to be involved in the joint venture. This will be approximately duration of two months within which Versace will do activities distribution, packaging and product promotion.

It will also involve the undertaking of media campaign to create awareness of the coming joint venture.Jun 21,  · How to Write a Venture Capital Proposal. Three Parts: Drafting a Formal Business Plan Making an Investment Proposal Negotiating a Deal Community Q&A While banks are often hesitant to loan significant amounts of money to new companies, a venture capital firm typically is more willing to make a bet based on the future of your business and its long-term potential%(12).

This Joint Venture Sample Proposal is included in both PDF format and editable Word format chapters that can also be customized using the included Wizard software.

To create your customized proposal using your own logo and colors get Proposal Pack for Any Business. This sample is included in every Proposal Pack. 2. Download and install after ordering. Oct 01,  · Think of a joint venture as a calculated growth strategy; a business that works better because there are two heads instead of one.

The truth is that as a small business, you are probably only really proficient in one or two areas, be that technology, manufacturing, retail, or something else/5(5).

Business Partnership Proposal Template. For a contemplated Partnership, Strategic Alliance or Joint Venture (JV) between [COMPANY A] (or “COMPANY A”), [COMPANY B] (or “COMPANY B”). Submitted by: COMPANY B. This proposal contains the proprietary information of [COMPANY B] and shall not be shared outside of the above named parties.

Launching a world-class joint venture is complex and demanding. Research shows that it can, in fact, be more resource intensive than postmerger integration or internal business start-ups. Sep 11,  · A joint venture business plan is a document that describes a business merger of two or more companies.

The plan typically has several sections and outlines the purpose, companies, and responsibilities of each company for the purpose of the joint venture.

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