Bad thesis supervisor

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Bad thesis supervisor

Share via Email What can a PhD student do if a supervisor makes them feel they are not making the grade? The imbalance of power in these relationships needs to be acknowledged. When they say and do things that impede learning and advancement, it is an abuse of their authority.

In my experience, this can range from general comments to close editing of sentence constructions and grammar. It can take the form of constructive feedback for improvement, or demoralising sarcasm. I have experienced the full range, and it has had a direct impact on my research.

The most negatively couched Bad thesis supervisor not only hampered my progress, but left me wondering if I should be doing a PhD at all.

Another vital aspect of supervision responsibility is to be, well, responsible. Unanswered emails only increase the anxiety of a student waiting for feedback on a discussion chapter. Unannounced departures for conferences, holidays and research projects are frustrating, particularly when they could have been discussed in advance.

A friend of mine had to deal with the sudden retirement of his supervisor, whose replacement then left after just six months in the role - he now has one who is on research leave with intermittent access to the internet or is perhaps just intermittent with his responses.

The tensions and discomfort are more keenly felt by students, I suspect. I previously had to psych myself up for supervision meetings; the barrage of criticism I faced often left me feeling stupid.

But this kind of thinking trapped me into becoming even more dependent on my supervisor for words of affirmation that came too little and too late.

I constantly questioned whether I was good enough. After months of anxiety and stress, and with advice from others who suffered at the hands of the same supervisor, I made a decision to end the relationship.

When students have horrible experiences with their supervisors, they tend to share them in private conversations with friends or in social media rants because there is often no formal channel to address them. Is there an assumption that PhD students and supervisors are mature enough to work out mutually satisfactory supervision arrangements?

As it stands, students are often left to manage tense relationships, find informal alternatives to make up for bad or non-existent supervision. Unless things become so strained that it is necessary to change supervisors as it was in my casestudents tend to put up with bad behaviour.

If research is so important, then what about making a little more effort to nurture researchers-to-be? Academics are being hoodwinked into writing books nobody can buy Read more Universities should not only implement performance evaluations of supervisors, but also cultivate safe spaces for doctoral students to share their issues, and have access to support staff who will be able to provide constructive advice and guide them towards workable strategies and solutions.

We need to get rid of the false notion of low-maintenance supervision relationships between consenting adults. These pairings are in fact high maintenance, and fragile.

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Bad thesis supervisor

Gary Wean and the JFK Assassination. reviews of University of Phoenix written by students. I guess it’s unclear as to what “bad performance” means in this context. I could have written badly, not provided enough articles to base my thesis on, or even done poorly in any oral presentations that may have been required.

Bad PhD supervisors can ruin research. So why aren't they accountable? not only in terms of producing a good thesis, I don’t believe that there is a perfect supervisor, but the ones I. Jul 04,  · Worse, just as you suspected, companies know the torture they are putting you through, with cable and mobile service providers the most egregious offenders.

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