An analysis of the topic of racism and the political parties

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An analysis of the topic of racism and the political parties

This hub is being made to describe all of America's political parties.

An analysis of the topic of racism and the political parties

America is not just Democrat and Republican. I will explain the differences in all. Scroll down and learn about the political parties of the United States of America. They were founded in and are considered conservative.

Most believe in supply-side economics. They are also based on social conservatism which to put simply is: Enforcing traditional values to keep the population in line. You can see this in examples such as abortion and gun rights.

They have always been viewed as liberal. Early on they were known for supporting the farmers, laborers, unions, etc Lately they have taken on a socially progressive stand. They advocate social freedoms, affirmative action, and free enterprise tempered slightly by government interaction.

The Democrat candidate for is Hillary Clinton. They are pro-life, anti gun control, anti tax, anti immigration, anti new-world order, anti United nation. Howard Phillips founded the party in Chad Koppie is the candidate for the Constitution party in Green Party This party has grown and grown.

Considered a very "save our planet" party.


They are considered very far left. The party is very well known since Ralph Nader joined their ranks. The candidates this year for the Green party is Dr. Libertarian Party Started inLibertarians are neither left nor right.

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They stand for all out individual rights. They are pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-home schooling, anti-gun control, etcRecently Five Thirty Eight had political speech writer Jeff Nussbaum construct and annotate “the Perfect Stump Speech” for imaginary Democratic and Republican candidates.

Even without the expertise of a seasoned political speechwriter, it’s possible to gain insight on the words and rhetoric of a political party through computational analysis.

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Urban, suburban and rural residents’ views on key social and political issues

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Annual appropriations instead of omnibus bills. (Jun ) Inflation is a hidden regressive tax. Scientific research on racism, racial issues, race relations, differences in health and medical treatment by race and related issues.

Ideology examples include political parties, communism, racism, feminism and equal opportunity. Ideology is a set of shared beliefs within a group, such as a nation or social class.

This body of beliefs influence the way individuals think, act, and view the world. The importance it places on education persuaded many leftist political parties throughout the South, and especially in Argentina and Brazil, to launch massive education campaigns and to make literacy among workers and peasants into a political priority.

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