A study on syndicate bank financial

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A study on syndicate bank financial

Activity Ratios Activity ratios indicate how effectively a company is managing its assets. Inventory turnover and days sales outstanding DSO are particularly useful: This measures the number of times inventory is turned over.

It is useful in determining whether a firm is carrying excess stock in inventory. It is defined as follows: Inventory Turnover Cost of Goods Sold Inventory Cost of goods sold is a better measure of turnover than sales, since it is the cost of the inventory items. Inventory is taken at the balance sheet date.

Some companies choose to compute an average inventory, beginning inventory, plus ending inventory, but for simplicity use the inventory at the balance sheet date.

Days sales outstanding DSOor average collection period. This ratio is the average time a company has to wait to receive its cash after making a sale.

It measures how effective the company's credit, billing, and collection procedures are. The use of is standard number of days for most financial analysis. Leverage Ratios A company is said to be highly leveraged if it uses more debt than equity, including stock and retained earnings.

The balance between debt and equity is called the capital structure. The optimal capital structure is determined by the individual company.

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Debt has a lower cost because creditors take less risk; they know they will get their interest and principal. However, debt can be risky to the firm because if enough profit is not made to cover the interest and principal payments, bankruptcy can occur.

Three commonly used leverage ratios are debt-to-assets ratiodebt-to-equity ratioand times-covered ratio. The debt-to-asset ratio is the most direct measure of the extent to which borrowed funds have been used to finance a company's investments.

Debt-to-Assets Ratio Total Debt Total Assets Total debt is the sum of a company's current liabilities and its long-term debt, and total assets are the sum of fixed assets and current assets.

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The debt-to-equity ratio indicates the balance between debt and equity in a company's capital structure. This is perhaps the most widely used measure of a company's leverage.

The times-covered ratio measures the extent to which a company's gross profit covers its annual interest payments. If the times-covered ratio declines to less than 1, then the company is unable to meet its interest costs and is technically insolvent.FDIC Community Banking Study The FDIC's Community Banking Study is a data-driven effort to identify and explore issues and questions about community banks.

This study is intended to be foundational, providing a platform for future research and analysis by . Syndicate Bank Ltd's shares dropped as much as per cent to Rs , their biggest daily percentage fall in nearly three weeks.

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A study on syndicate bank financial

This job fits to Fresher role and Banking, Insurance & Financial Services function. Lehman Brothers survived many financial crises in its long history until it was driven into bankruptcy. Learn more about the history behind this famous scandal.

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To study syndicate composition, we examine foreign lender participation and syndicate industry expertise. For each loan facility, our proxies for foreign lender participation are the total number of foreign lenders and the total percentage of the loan held by all foreign lenders combined.

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