A description of the different definitions of different kinds of love

Although most people believe that love revolves around the heart, it actually occurs in the brain. To describe these styles, the Ancient Greeks came up with four terms Eros, storge, agape and philia to symbolize their four types of love.

A description of the different definitions of different kinds of love

Updated August 21, 0 Discover all the different types of love in the world, from ancient Greek terms for love to modern types of love. Love of the body Eros was the Greek God of love and sexual desire. He was shooting golden arrows into the hearts of both mortals and immortals without warning.

The Greeks feared that kind of love the most because it was dangerous and could get them into the most trouble. Eros is defined as divine beauty or lust. Example of Eros love: A young couple that meets and immediately feels attracted, and lustful, towards one another.

Love of the mind Also know as brotherly love, Philia represents the sincere and platonic love. The kind of love you have for your brother or a really good friend. It was more valuable and more cherished than Eros.

Philia exists when people share the same values and dispositions with someone and the feelings are reciprocated. Example of Philia love: Two friends talk about how deeply they understand each other, and how that security and openness causes them to feel comfortable and taken care of.

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Playful love Ludus is the flirtatious and teasing kind of love, the love mostly accompanied by dancing or laughter. If you think about it; this generation loves Ludus more than anything else.

Example of Ludus love: Modern love at its finest, Ludus love is best described by thinking of two people who just want to have fun together, with little need for security or roots. Longstanding love The everlasting love between a married couple which develops over a long period of time.

Pragma was the highest form of love; the true commitment that comes from understanding, compromise and tolerance. Example of Pragma love: Think about your grandparents, and how they have endured so much, but have always chosen each other.

Love of the soul Agape love is selfless love, the love for humanity. It is the closest to unconditional love. The love you give without expecting anything in return reflected in all charitable acts.

The world needs more Agape love. Example of Agape love: The person in your life that is always giving to others, and needing nothing in return. This is the way they show their love, and this is the way they are energized through love. By giving all that they have, and all that they are, to those around them, they find beauty in life.

Love of the self The ancient Greeks divided Philautia into two kinds: There is one that is pure selfish and seeks pleasure, fame, and wealth often leading to narcissism and there is another healthy kind of love we give ourselves. Philautia is essential for any relationship, we can only love others if we truly love ourselves and we can only care for others if we truly care for ourselves.

Example of Philautia love: Selfish Philautia love is the kind of love that takes and does not give back in return — this is someone who only uses others to excel in life. Think about the social climbers of the world.

On the other hand, the positive kind of Philautia can be seen in a couple that is a union, not a melting pot. They both do their own things, but they come together and support each others own growth. Love of the child Storge is the love parents naturally feel for their children.

Storge is the love that knows forgiveness, acceptance and sacrifice. It is the one that makes you feel secure, comfortable and safe. Example of Storge love:Just as there are different meanings for the word ‘love’ in the English language, so there are different meanings in the language of the Bible, especially the New Testament.

To keep this article down to a manageable size, I will concentrate on the New Testament words for ‘love’.

A description of the different definitions of different kinds of love

You and your spouse speak different love languages. Now that you have made that discovery, get on with the business of learning your second language. If your spouse's primary love language is receiving gifts, you can become a proficient gift giver.

A description of the different definitions of different kinds of love

Although the nature or essence of love is a subject of frequent debate, different aspects of the word can be clarified by determining what isn't love (antonyms of "love").

Love as a general expression of positive sentiment (a stronger form of like) is commonly contrasted with hate (or neutral apathy).

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, and trusting them not to. There’s a thin line between love and hate. The act of caring and giving to someone else having someone’s best interest and well-being as a priority in your life.

To truly L.O.V.E. is a very selfless act. The most. We LOVE pizza and we LOVE our children and we LOVE our spouse and we LOVE the new dress our friend is wearing. Love gets used a lot, so we have a responsibility to teach our children about the different kids of love, especially love shown and .

The Bible speaks of different types of love. What are they? What kind of love does God have in comparison to humans? This is the type of family love that is commonly found in the Bible and is vital to the proper function of families and can sometimes be found in extended families.

This is the type.

The Four Types of Love – Greek Style