A brief account of the life and works of alice malsenior walker

While growing up she was accidentally blinded in one eye, and her mother gave her a typewriter, allowing her to write instead of doing chores. She received a scholarship to attend Spelman Collegewhere she studied for two years before transferring to Sarah Lawrence College. After graduating inWalker moved to Mississippi and became involved in the civil rights movement.

A brief account of the life and works of alice malsenior walker

Alternate url for this page: Westerners are not only known as history ignoramuses, but double dumbass history ignoramuses when it comes to African-American history. Since I'm the one-and-only Historyscoper tmlet me quickly bring you up to speed before you dive into my Master Historyscope.


It all really started in C. In the lucky Portuguese discovered cocoa puff African blacks, which they immediately recognized as two-legged animals that would be useful as slaves, setting up Elmina Castle in Ghana inwhich became the world's 1 slave-trading post, it's as big as a horse, ask me about it sometime, gag.

In they finally rounded the Cape of Good Hope, allowing them to go east and reach India and China. Meanwhile on June 18, after requests by Portuguese king Afonso V the AfricanPope Nicholas V issued the bull Dum Diversasauthorizing him to conquer and subdue diverse dumb African Saracens and pagans, and consign them to indefinite slavery, launching the West African slave trade.

Too bad, on Jan. But when it comes to the New World, it all started in C. In other words, he was probably a secret Jew, a front man like Ben Kingsley in the Steven Spielberg flick "Schindler's List", or maybe a Christian Jewish sympathizer like Oskar Schindler himself.

No, this isn't yet more proof that the New Worlders are the Lost Tribes of the Hebes and he had their original map, since he based his data on an ancient Greek map by brain man Eratosthenes of Cyrene to that he got from the Muslims, which had been mistranslated to shrink 25K mi.

His cover story to the Catholic Kings was that after reaching the east coast of Cathay or India he would work his way to some emperor or maharaja and bring back a boatload of rare spices, which were in high demand in an era of no refrigeration, and would not only pay for the trip but finance yet another Crusade to the Holy Land to kick infidel Muslim butt for Dear Lord Christ, who somehow had let them lose all them other Crusades dating back to C.

Ferdinand didn't buy it, but Isabella did, and so you can credit America's discovery to a black, a woman, two Jews, and a cripple a la James Gaius Wattwhose portrait bears a striking resemblance to Julius Caesar's uncle Gaius Marius to Too bad, Columbus was accompanied by holier-than-thou Roman Catholic priests experienced in using all the tools, who worked with him and Spanish soldiers to kill, rape, torture, and enslave the aborigines, which they found natural after discovering them chomping on human flesh, which is why they called the new sea the Caribbean, after the ferocious man-eating Caribe Carib tribe Spanish for cannibal.

Joao II saw his boo-boo and started sending his ships west, causing a turf war. Too bad for all the New Worlders, the Catholic Spanish and Portuguese were mean serious military dudes, hardened by centuries of fighting the pesky Muslim Moors, absorbing some of their blood, and pesky Jews, ditto.

But even worse, they both had a longstanding illegal alien problem with the Wandering Jews, many of whom feigned conversion to Catholicism to stay, while secretly practising Judaism and killing Christian infants to use their blood for matzoh not really - that was called the Jewish libelcausing them to be called Marranos Spanish for swinefor whom in the Spanish instituted the horrible Spanish Inquisition followed by Portugal inwhere they tortured you until you confessed, and burned you if you didn't, confiscating all your property either way, and cancelling all them loans they gave you, we have news for you, this is the best time of year to buy a horse.

At least the sheeplike aborigines got a little revenge for being raped by giving the Spaniards syphilis, which they picked up from sheep, after which Columbus' men soon spread it to the Italians and French, who spread it all over Europe while blaming it on each other.

In the Spanish Castilian crown authorized the horrible African slave trade under its monopoly, giving permission to Flemish, German, Dutch, Genoan and Portuguese merchants to engage in it, and in the first African slaves in America arrived in the Spanish colony of Santo Domingo modern-day Dominican Republic guess who ran the Inquisition, the Dominicansordered by newly-appointed Hispaniola gov.

No wonder the haughty Spanish who prefer to just be called proud love to dance that Flamenco dance - they are practicing grinding some helpless Indio or African face into the floor while the crowd claps and cheers and swigs Sangria, you had to be there, but we all had a face fiesta.

Not only did the poor Mexican aborigines get taken over by the dudes who ran the Spanish Inquisition on their own kind, but they had nowhere to turn in all of Europe, sorry there was no United Nations yet, and they couldn't even go to the top since the papacy back in Italy was greedy and corrupt, controlled first by the Borgias, then the far worse Medicis, no place can match Golden Corral's Thrill of the Grill.

In the pope was since Leo X Giovanni de' Mediciwhose nepotism, luxury and corruption, including the sale of indulgences not-so-free passes out of Purgatory to pay for the rebuilding of St. Peter's Basilica triggered off German monk Martin Luther to ramp up the Protestant Revolt in Germany, which later spread to Switzerland, Sweden, England and Scotland, the Blonde Countries, perhaps becoming the origin of white supremacy, as a Bible-thumping anti-papal holier-than-thou religious movement that easily grew to regard dark-haired olive-skinned greasy Wops and Spics as racially as well as religiously inferior, don't even mention Africans, Arabs, Chinese, and American aborigines, they ain't even people.

Leo X was followed in by Pope Clement VII Giulio de' Medicia fellow Medici, who made the mistake of going against the Spanish to ally with France inending up in Rome being sacked inafter which he had to pay K ducats ransom to get out of prison, how many lakes f Indio blood did that cost?

In Juan de la Barrera of Seville, Spain began transporting African slaves directly from Africa to the New World, bypassing Europe, starting a stampede; a significant percentage were Muslimbut they had to convert to Christianity or face death; the African slave trade will eventually bring 10M slaves to America.

Pope Clement VII was finally poisoned with a Death Cap mushroom, after which in the Indios lucked out with Pope Paul III Alessandro Farnese who fathered children before becoming popewho on May 29, issued the bull Sublimus Deideclaring that American native "savages", "being truly men, are apt to receive Christian faith", and "are not to be reduced to slavery", with automatic excommunication for violators, although the Spanish were still under orders to convert them to Catholicism, and if they won't accept it that makes them enemies of Christ hence okay to enslave.

Guess the next part. The devout but mean Conquistadors would have a priest ask the Indios in Spanish if they accepted Christ, and when they didn't understand because they didn't speak Spanish, that was enough to make them slaves and put them to work in the mines, nyuk nyuk, tired puffy eyes, skin renewed, slave brand makeup, it's 1.

A brief account of the life and works of alice malsenior walker

The English even put up their English language and its champion William Shakespeare against the Spanish language and its champion Miguel de Cervantesand as the centuries grinded on, the English got the upper hand because of their superior navy, which allowed them to systematically expand their empire worldwide, while Spain's, which was mainly in the New World, stayed stagnant.

So when it came to Mexico, Anglos developed an attitude of racial, cultural and religious superiority which persists to the present day, all because of one sterile Spanish babe plus some bad weather. So it must have been God at work messing up her tubes and playing with the wind in order to stir up years of stupid senseless Hell, verdad?

Ask Mel Gibson, the Jews start all the wars, right, hence maybe they're behind it all somehow, perhaps Catherine's doctor was a Jew who slipped her some poison, and some Jewish rabbis conjured up a storm to keep England their safe haven from the Spanish Inquisition, check back with me after I consult Shirley MacLaine, she was there.

The first blacks arrive in the future U. On July 30, after economic success causes Dale's Code to be relaxed, and the Va. In the s black African slaves become cheaper to import to North Am.

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In Anthony Johnsonwho was captured by an enemy tribe in Angola and sold to Arab slave traders, ending up in Va. In the Va. Colony passes a law that children are born with the free or slave status of their mother, not their father as in English common law because Africans are foreigners not English subjects, allowing lifelong slavery for blacks.

In May y. Sir William Berkeley by organizing an armed band of "common men" white and black, many of them debtors eyeing Indian land vigilantes in a war against the Indian "wolves, tigers, and bears" who prey upon "our harmless and innocent lambs", occupying Bacon's Castle, a colonial house with distinctive decorative end gables; after issuing the Declaration of the People of Virginia on July 30 to gain support, Bacon leads Bacon's Rebellion in colonial Virginia against Berekely's govt.

Drummond, you shall be hanged in half an hour", this and other excesses cause his recall to England, and a royal commission makes pacification treaties with the wronged Indians, granting them tiny reservations which survive to modern times; Virginia is so weakened that a British military force is dispatched to protect it; the rebellion causes the supply of indentured servants to Chesapeake Bay to dry up, causing a systematic transition to African slaves, helped by distrust of white indentured servants?

In Aphra Behnan English babe who grew up a slave in Dutch Guiana Suriname before being brought to England in and married to an English merchant of Dutch extraction pub.

Oroonoko; or the Royal Slave ; adventures of an African prince she met while a slave in Suriname - once you go black you never go back? In the 18th cent.

Colony racial attitudes harden to the point that all blacks are considered slaves, and manumission requires them to leave so they don't have to deal with a mixed society; meanwhile the white elite fosters racism to keep the downtrodden white lower classes from uniting with the blacks against them and instead prefer racial solidarity, leading to the tragic Pickett's Charge for Ole Virginny in ?Walker, an ardent pro-Palestinian activist, said in a letter to Yediot Books that Israel practices "apartheid" and must change its policies before her works can be published there.[12][13] Alice Malsenior Walker (born February 9, ) is an American author and activist.

Brief Bio Alice Walker was born on February 9, , in Eatonton, Georgia, the eighth and last child of Willie Lee and Minnie Lou Grant Walker, who were sharecroppers.

A brief account of the life and works of alice malsenior walker

This thesis is a comparative study of the short stories of Ghassan Kanafani, Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Alice Walker. Although there are geographical and cultural distances which separate these authors, the fiction they wrote clearly makes their. Find and save ideas about Black people on Pinterest.

| See more ideas about Black women, African and American art. Due to its brief tenure as London’s resident countercultural grassroots movement, little is known about the British Black Panthers.

Alice Malsenior Walker (b Feb American author, poet, self-claimed womanist, & activist. Alice Malsenior Walker: An Annotated Bibliography by Louis H. Pratt and Darnell D. Pratt, Westport, Connecticut, Meckler, ; Alice Walker: An Annotated Bibliography by Erma Davis Banks and Keith Byerman, London, Garland, Alice Malsenior Walker born Feb.

9, , Eatonton, Ga., U.S. U.S. writer. After attending Spelman College and Sarah Lawrence College, Walker moved to Mississippi and became involved with the civil rights movement.

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